Welcome headbangers and horrorhounds to our inaugural first blog post! If you’ve already visited us at, then you’re probably aware of our Facebook page and Twitter account. But we also wanted to create a blog to bring awareness to some of the great articles that go up on our website every week, as well as cover some timely topics that we may not get to cover there.

That being said, let’s kick it off with a link to our latest round of horror film reviews at The Horror Show! Our managing editor, Stevie Kopas, and her incredible team of reviewers have voiced their thoughts on such recent films as “The Witch” and the recently remade “Cabin Fever”.  On the music side of things, film director and HMS contributing writer Ryan M. Andrews has recently interviewed Mike Cox, the drummer from Coal Chamber. For all you metal guitarists out there, our esteemed music columnist and guitarist extraordinaire, Kelly Kereliuk, discusses guitar soloing at The 13th Fret.

This is but a taste of what you’ll find at, so please do visit us and stay a while! The door is always open…


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