Discovering Kenn Nardi – Anacrusis

It’s not all too often that our Editor-in-Chief, Kenneth Gallant, gushes about a metal band. But he’s recently been raving about Kenn Nardi the multi-talented guitarist of the now defunct progressive thrash metal act Anacrusis. Here’s what Ken had to say about his discovery:

“I’ve just discovered the amazing work from guitarist Kenn Nardi former founder of late 80’s thrash/prog band Anacrusis…he’s put out a double album not too long ago…I just recently found this album and bought it…oh my god…it’s brilliant…here’s a track off the album of 28 songs:”

This album was originally going to be a comeback album for Anacrusis, but the band folded while in the middle of recording, so Kenn completed the album on his own recording all the guitar and bass parts, plus programming the drum parts…I love his vocals…sometimes it has a soundtrack feel, but then it dips into the progressive thrash arena too…my god…

The cover is done by the great Eliran Kantor who has done art work for Testament and Green Death.


Here is the original cover that Kantor did for the Anacrusis comeback:”


Like I said, I don’t often get this enamored with new metal…but this is interesting work.

You heard the man. Sound interesting? Give Anacrusis and Kenn Nardi a listen on YouTube today!


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