The Saturday Metal Review


Deception Ignored

(Noise Records)



Dr band

The Germans have been making thrash metal for many years and much like the American scene (particularly in the Bay area), many bands flourished during the heyday of the genre. One band that really caught my eye was Deathrow and after coming off the heels of their sophomore release Raging Steel (1987), the band returned with a technical masterpiece entitled: Deception Ignored. Released in 1988; this was arguably their strongest effort in terms of technical achievement with the material on this album becoming deep and complex. The riffs were highly progressive, and perhaps overly ambitious for the style, although I feel this was an underrated thrasher for the time.

Following in the footsteps of other progressive/forward thinkers like Mekong Delta and Watchtower, Deathrow were heard on this release to push the boundaries with a somewhat dry and clinical production, but there was no mistaking the brilliance behind the music.

Standout tracks are: “The Deathwish”, “Triocton” and “N.L.Y.H”.

I’m giving this 8.5 out of 10


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