The Lynch Mob returns to Toronto


Last year, at about this exact same time, I had the pleasure of seeing Lynch Mob, ex-Dokken guitarist George Lynch’s band (for only the last 26 years!) perform at The Rockpile club in my hometown of Toronto, Canada. It was a great show, and you can read all about it here.

Well, precisely one year later, the world renowned guitarist and his extremely talented bandmates returned to pack The Rockpile wall-to-wall with Lynch Mob fans from all over the GTA and beyond. This last time they rolled through town they played both Friday and Saturday at the club, giving fans a double dose of Lynch Mob and Dokken classics as well as new material from the current album of that time “Sun Red Sun” (which includes one my all time Lynch Mob faves “Believers of the Day“). The sound was impeccable during those performances and a great time was had by all.

Fast forward to June 4, 2016 and we get the same enthusiastic performance from the band, however the sound – particularly the vocal mix – was not of the caliber it was a year prior. Oni Logan’s vocals were so loud they were actually distorting, which is a shame because he is such a talented front man. That being said, the band performed to the very best of their bar-raising abilities, and if you weren’t directly in front of the main speakers they still sounded great. New material from “Rebel” was a welcome addition to their already impressive repertoire.

Sound issues aside, Lynch Mob shines in smaller venues like The Rockpile. Intimate settings provide great interaction with the audience and it’s a photographers’ dream to get this close to their subject matter.

The Toronto date only marks the third show of, what I understand is, a one month mini-tour. I highly recommend you catch them if they come anywhere near your neighborhood, the tickets are a steal for a band of this caliber!

-Rich Leggatt, HMS


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