The Saturday Metal Review


The Razor’s Edge

Atco Records

Released Sept 24, 1990

In 1990, AC DC undertook their most publicised world tour in support of the band’s eleventh studio recording, The Razor’s Edge. The album was considered a comeback release of sorts, reaching # 2 on the US Billboard 200 and going multi-platinum with over five million copies sold in the US alone. This was definitely a major feat for the band; spawning successful hits like “Thunderstruck”, “Are You Ready” and “Money Talks”, and was produced by Bruce Fairbairn.

Despite the success of this release, almost everyone in the band was going through personal issues. Singer Brian Johnson was unavailable for several months while he finalized a divorce, drummer Simon Wright left to record with Dio (Lock Up the Wolves) and was ultimately replaced by Chris Slade (Manfred Mann). Even guitarist Malcolm Young was taking time away from touring to recover from a severe bout of alcoholism. Luckily, the band was able to call on nephew Stevie Young to fill in temporarily, while Malcolm got his shit together.

Thankfully, none of the behind the scenes turmoil disrupted the band’s tour, as this period produced AC DC Live Collector’s Edition album as a live version. Many considered this one the best live albums ever recorded by the band. It was also during this tour that the band headlined Monsters of Rock, which was eventually released on DVD as Live at Donington.

My favorite tracks on this release are: “Thunderstruck”, “Fire Your Guns”, “Money Talks”, “The Razor’s Edge”, “Are You Ready” and “Got You by the Balls”. I’m giving this album a solid 9 out of 10 and I consider this album the best release of their 90’s recording period.


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