The Saturday Metal Review

Death Angel


Geffen Records

Released April 10, 1990

In 1990, young thrash stalwarts Death Angel released their third effort to much acclaim on the band’s first and only major studio recording. Most critics dubbed this release their finest moment and I must say this to be fairly accurate for the time. The music is polished and mature sounding for a thrash band finding their place in the pantheon of thrash bands of the period. The album produced strong singles with “Seemingly Endless Time” and “A Room With a View”, getting tons of play on MTV’s Headbangers Ball. For my money’s worth, the songs are catchy and more controlled than the band’s previous two efforts and much of this should be attributed to the guidance of veteran music producer Max Norman.

Unfortunately, tragedy would strike the band later in the year, when drummer Andy Galeon suffered a critical injury when their tour bus crashed, halting the remainder of the band’s tour. In fact Andy was out of action for more than a year, prompting singer Mark Osegueda’s exit from the band and effectively ending Death Angel. The band would later reunite in 2001, supporting Chuck Billy’s (Testament) Thrash of The Titans benefit concert and that would prompt the band’s proper reformation for more studio recordings and touring, continuing into the next decade.

As for the some of the best tracks on this release: “Seemingly Endless Time”, “Veil of Deception”, “A Room With a View”, “Stagnant” and “Disturbing the Peace” are all solid efforts. I’m giving this release a substantial mark of 9 out of 10.




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