The Saturday Metal Review



Roadrunner Records

Released March 25 1991

The fourth studio release from these Brazillian thrashers is arguably the finest moment of their career. The musical style is slotted into the death/thrash category, following a similar vein as previous release Beneath the Remains. This time out though they started experimenting a little with the inclusion of Industrial music, hardcore punk and Latin percussion; injecting that into their core sound. Obviously the band was open to non-metal influences; allowing for slight nods towards bands like Ministry and Einstürzende Neubauten; pushing samples and sounds effects into the mix. The touch of Latin percussion and tribal drumming can be heard in the track “Altered State”, plus “Subtraction” and “Desperate Cry” contain strong punk influences.

The band traveled to Florida to record at the famous Morrisound with legendary death metal producer Scott Burns. Roadrunner pumped in $40,000 to up the album’s production values and affording members likes Igor a chance to experiment with his drumming technique. The groove-ladden approach to rhythms was certainly instrumental to the overall sound on Arise, but also affecting the next several releases to follow. Once recording was done, the band would embark on their longest tour to date spanning a total of two years; joining the likes of Sadus, Obituary, Heathen and Sacred Reich; then wrapping the year up with Morbid Angel and Motorhead. The second year of touring saw the band finding themselves on huge tours with Ozzy and Ministry/Helmet, giving the band a wide range of exposure on the metal scene.

Arise was favored heavily in the music press and it was the first Sepultura album to enter the Billboard charts at 119. It went gold in 1992 and sold over a million copies the following year; ultimately proving this to be the most adored release in their discography over the years.

Favorite tracks: “Arise”, “Dead Embryonic Cells”, “Desperate Cry”, “Altered State” and “Infected Voice”. I’m giving this a stellar 9 out of 10.




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