The Saturday Metal Review

Killer Dwarfs

Big Deal

Epic Records

Released Summer of 1988

The breakthrough album for Canada’s Killer Dwarfs was on their third release Big Deal released in the summer of 1988. It was their first signing to a major with Epic Records and of course the album’s title is play on the big deal they signed for this release. The band is known for their offbeat sense of humor, hence the name Killer Dwarfs; but it was their penchant for writing hook-laden songs coupled with the sweet melodic voice of vocalist Russ Dwarf; to really define their sound and look.

On this release, the band received much recognition throughout Canada and the United States; making way for the single “We Stand Alone”. Filmed in Toronto during the month of March in 1987, the video received major play on Much Music and MTV, allowing the Dwarfs major exposure to metal audiences across North America. An even greater testament to the band’s popularity came when Iron Maiden requested they go on tour with them during their Seventh Son epic extravaganza jaunt across many major cities.

There are some that say this release lacked the spirited energy of their first two albums, but the production was greatly improved and it was the first time the Dwarfs worked with a big time producer. It definitely showed on tracks like “Breakaway” and “Desperadoes” and I can’t forget the superb track “Power”. Obviously this is a solid record from start to finish and it proved this quirky little band from Oshawa, Ontario had more up their sleeve in years to come.

Favorite tracks are: “Breakaway”, “Desperadoes”, “Power”, “Startin’ To Shine”, “Tell Me Please” and “We Stand Alone”. I’m giving this a respectable 8 out of 10.


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