The Saturday Metal Review


The Last in Line

Warner Brothers

Released July 2, 1984

Many will say that Holy Diver was THE definitive DIO album, so it’s pointless reviewing that classic. However The Last in Line following up That classic (in 1984) was always going to be difficult. Not a problem from a man who had such a pedigree under his belt. I can’t think of any artist who has been involved in so many defining albums as the legendary Ronnie James DIO. This album stands alongside Holy Diver with ease.

The songs are all well written and executed To perfection. “We Rock” is not quite the opener as “Stand up and Shout” was, but then “Egypt” (the chains are on is the classic closer). This album has it all; haunting melodies and crushing riffs all powered by the giant presence of RJDs perfect vocals. Visions of witches, wizards, magic and majesty; good against Evil – they’re all present in this album. This is the album that confirmed that Holy Diver wasn’t a one of fluke.

My personal favourite from this masterpiece was “One Night In The City”; its proof indeed that there is a pot of gold at the end of a Rainbow. There’s not a bad song on this masterpiece so go “Eat your Heart Out” this album will leave you “Breathless”. I’m giving it a 9.5 (not 10 because Stand Up and Shout beats We Rock)

Meathook Mike


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