Review/Spotlight on Logan’s Room

Logan’s Room EP

(Independent Recording)

Written by Tim Duran

9.5 out of 10

Call it the rebirth of 80’s hard rock, but it’s 100% Hollywood glam with heavier instrumentation and painfully powerful vocals.  Logan’s Room from Long Island, NY mixes the wonderful sounds of glam with grunge and heavy metal.  Blending the vibes of L.A. Guns, Alice In Chains, a touch of Rage, and Slipknot they play with vigor along side lyrics that spew venom and vinegar.  A combination I’m sure that will please the metal purist.

Logan’s Room is fronted by Jordan Klinger who also plays rhythm, Matt Capitano on lead axe, and David Kaufman on bass.  Mike Giordano plays drums on the EP, but Tommie McGuckin replaced him December 2016 on drums.  Together they rise up and drop the beat on your noggin until you’ve memorized each song.  I’m sure this five-song, self titled EP is only a taste, rather a tease, of their repertoire.

“Flip Me Off” kicks off the lyrical smack down.  It’s melodic, catchy, and Klinger gets all Corey Taylor in some spots.  “Locked Inside” has that mid-tempo, dark, early Alice in Chains feel.  I like the songwriting here.  It has that Alice in Chains tone; yet, it has tons of originality.

“Karma” is a fast train through a tunnel of distorted guitars and some sweet triplets.  This one and “In Vain” have deeper bass tones and intensity.  “In Vain” feels too short for a four minute long song.  It grabs you in a choke hold right away but then lets you go before you pass out.

The EP ends with “Our Boys”, a somber number about soldiers that have died in war.  It starts with a marching beat on the snare, like a funeral drum, then the other shoe drops as it becomes intense, heavy, heartfelt, and with no “F” bombs.  It’s interesting in the second verse where Jordan sings in English and Hebrew.

Downside, the download didn’t come with the “Parental Advisory” sticker for the lyrical content, so parents, be forewarned!  Upside, are tracks one thru five.   Although the songs are short, they leave you wanting more and that’s the selling point.  If they were boring, you’d hear two songs and think; okay I get the gist and go onto something else.  On this EP, every song is different from the other.  Each grabs your attention and keeps it.  I would have liked it if they did a little more at the end of “In Vain”.  It’s a great song, but I think a solo at the end or a chaotic, winding crescendo would add to the intensity instead of fading out.  The other songs either had a natural decay or a quick end.  All in all, I dig the sound, love the flashback, the songwriting is fantastic, and the musicianship is prodigious.  I give Logan’s Room a 9 ½.

You can check them out here:

Logan's Room 2


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