Album Review Logan’s Room

Logan’s Room:  To be Continued

Review by Tim Duran

Last year I was invited into Logan’s Room for the first time. The room was small, but a lot fit inside. The walls were filled with original sounds and it was carpeted with angst. Today I was invited back. It is an honor and privilege to once again have this door opened to me.

This new E.P., To be Continued, is nothing short of brilliance once again.  I can’t remember what I wrote last year of their first E.P. so forgive me if I use the same verbiage like; awesome, cool, far out, and groovy”, because there just ain’t no denying the truth of Logan’s Room.

“Transgression” is a brutal little ditty bent on making you do some damage to the grey matter within your skull.  Right off, the music is ten times more aggressive than the first E.P.  The kicker is definitely the second track, “Radiation”.  It’s a grit your teeth, shake your fist; grapple your partner type tune that spews brimstone and lava.

“Hollow” is a beautiful mix of anger and solemn.  The breakdown is far out, man.  The drum work on the ride and hi-hat are jazzy; then it gets insane after the solo.  It’s six and-a-half minutes of shake, rattle, let mellow, and punch a bunch of holes in the wall greatness!

And where would any band be without a namesake tune?  Hey, Iron Maiden, Bad Company, and Anthrax did it, why not the mighty Logan’s Room?  This one brings back a little of that fast talkin’ jive stuff that we got a small taste of in “Karma” and “Locked Inside” from the first E.P.

For me, Logan’s Room is the bomb!  I’ve never used that phrase before, but in this case – I mean they are explosive!  To be Continued is heavy, aggressive, groovy, angry, insane, and simply over the top.  The vocals are stronger, the bassist is a lot busier, the tone is richer, and the drumming surpasses the first E.P.  The guitar work is outta sight man!  Clean and in your face burning solos.  No sloppy, greasy kid stuff laid down on these tracks.

So I hope I wasn’t too repetitive.  If these guys keep making music like this, they will make the big time. If they’re not signed, the labels are fools.  In short, I give them a 10.

Check them out now at’sRoomOfficial and www.Logan’ .


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