The Saturday Metal Review


Eternal Dark

(Backdoor Records)

Released in 1983

Rating: 8/10

I love going back and hearing classic heavy metal from different countries; in particular anything from the early to mid-1980’s will always do the trick to quench my taste. As we dig deep into the Saturday Metal review, I’ve selected one of the first Dutch heavy bands as our point of interest, so let me introduce you to Picture.

They hail from the Netherlands and the band released Picture (1980), Heavy Metal Ears (1981), Diamond Dreamer (1982) and in 1983 Eternal Dark. I thought we would review Eternal Dark for a few reasons – namely the striking album cover art and of course the 9 tracks of pure molten metal.

So let’s start with the album cover. I bring this up because it stood out to me when I was rifling through a Google image search of classic heavy metal covers. The ghoulish image of a nearly decomposed skeleton head with one eyeball still in the socket stopped me dead in my tracks. I love images like that, but sadly I have no idea who painted this.

Regardless of who the artist was, I thought the image perfectly represented the songs found on this release. The album’s title (Eternal Dark) surely proclaims this to be taking everyone on one hell of a ride and it did not disappoint my ears. I think what you get here is nine solid tracks that fall into the Accept-Judas Priest category that pack a big punch.

Most of the tracks will titillate yours ears – fast paced songs with a nice polished sound to boot. The opening track “Eternal Dark” starts up and delivers a catchy sing-a-long chorus and provides a Black Sabbath infused solo. Then you get a speedy number like “Griffons Guard the Gold” which is very reminiscent of Saxon in my humble opinion.

The strongest tracks slot right in towards the middle of the album. “Make you Burn” is the closest they get to sounding like vintage Judas Priest and it rocks big time! The twin axe attack of Chris van Jaarsveld and Henry van Manen trade off well and provide the sonic attack. As does the next piece “Battle of the Universe”; which provides the jet fuel for a quick paced number that high tails into first gear and never let’s up. There’s also a flourish of classical guitar riffing and it might be the highlight of the whole album. I can say the same thing for “The Blade” coming at you with a meaty mixture, coupled with the shrill sounds of vocalist Pete Lovell proclaiming – “no man can take the blade,” in the lyrical department.

As we get closer to the end of the album, the remaining tracks move along at a nice clip. Both “Flying in Time” and “Into the Underworld” segue well into each other, before the plodding “Tell No Lies” nearly halts the proceedings. But as luck would have it we end things well on a spirited number like “Down and Out”, so have no fear for those who think this might be tough to get through.

There are some who consider this album to be a rather bland affair when you prop this up against the previous release Diamond Dreamer, or even Heavy Metal Ears. Yes both albums felt more vigorous at times and a tad more lustful in the approach – but Eternal Dark is tight where it needs to be and adventurous enough in the sonic department. The guitars still have that vitality and it soars along with a strong production job to keep me happy.

I am giving this release a rating of 8 out of 10. It’s a polished record with a bevy of prime metallic offerings that will keep you going throughout the thirty-five minutes of running time. My favorite tracks are: “Eternal Dark”, “Griffons Guard the Gold”, “Make you Burn” and “Battle for the Universe”.


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