Classic Alien Invasion Music Review

Classic Alien Invasion
Badass Yogi Productions
Released 10/19/2020.
9 out of 10 Skulls
Review written by Kenneth Gallant

You have to love bands that erect their banner under a central theme like Horror, sci-fi and fantasy. Coming across my desk recently, is a band called Classic Alien Invasion and let me say they pay homage to many sci-fi films and time-honored cinematic tropes to tickle your fancy bone beyond all reproach. 

Helmed by Tom Edwards on lead guitar/vocals and rounded out by Dan Clay (rhythm guitar), John Harper (bass) and Jeff Trent (drums); these 4 dudes got it down pat with a style that is visceral and full of complex melodies. Musically, the band are all over the map with compositions ranging from hard edged metal, to upbeat groovy rhythms and a few proggy elements sprinkled in for good measure.  It all comes together in a satisfying way for this reviewer and I was hooked from the very first song and onwards. 

There are elements that bring to mind bands like Rigor Mortis and Rush and the logo certainly reminds me of Joel Grind’s Toxic Halocaust. But there’s so much to appreciate in their core sound, so let’s start out with the vocals of Tom Edwards. He’s extremely adept at channelling a gritty L.G Petrov vibe on the opening track “Gaaab” and that caught my attention right away, not mention how the song pays tribute to 50’s Z-grade movie master Ed Wood! The second track “Alien Number One” goes for the quick tempo often found in later releases from Entombed A.D., but the best part is the harmonious middle section. Again, this track totally had me hooked and it’s also a homage to Ridley Scott’s Alien!

“Alienphoboia” is a greasy low-vibe track that again brings to mind Entombed, but more specifically how Tom delivers the vocals in a quick guttural style a-la-L.G. Petrov. The next track “Mars Blast Waves” goes full tilt into the adventurous side of the musical spectrum. The guitars get spacey and my first thought was Rigor Mortis and again I don’t want to pigeon hole the band, but it brought to mind the Rigor Mortis vs. The Earth album. Tom’s vocals teeter a bit into the Bruce Corbett camp and it works for me.

Beyond that, songs like “Cosmo Family Values” is an infectious romp of cascading rhythms and “Classic Alien Invasion” goes full out instrumental bringing to mind Joe Satriani and Rush. I love the proggy elements and soaring melody that drives the song and it won’t disappoint those you loved 80’s instrumental metal. 

The song “Tractor Beam” provides filtered vocals in the vein of Rigor Mortis’s Bruce Corbett and as stated in the band’s song notes – this is a psychedelic journey to take the listener on a spacey wave out into the stratosphere. I dug it for the most part, and that led us into the final track “Live Damage Special Edition”.  The vocals are spit out in rapid succession and there’s a groovy drive with some added fuzz to the overall guitar tone. It’s definitely a toe-tapper with the quick tempo and it’s a solid song to end the album on a high note.

As for the album on a whole, it’s hard to classify a specific style. Surely, you will hear some prog and industrial-tinged thrash elements; not to mention the spacey-groove metal blended in. For my tastes, I dug it for that very specific reason and you won’t go wrong purchasing this album. It will be interesting to see how they develop this musical template on future releases, but count me in. I’m onboard with Classic Alien Invasion, so fellas let it rip and let the space travel begin!

You can purchase Classic Alien Invasion through this link at the band’s website:


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